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WHQ Google Map

Wrapper for embedding a Google Map more easily.


npm install whq-google-map


import GoogleMap from 'whq-google-map'

// new GoogleMap(options)

const mapCanvas = document.querySelector('.map-canvas')
const contactMapStyles = [...]

const myMap = new GoogleMap({
    apiKey: [YOUR API KEY],
    coords: { lat: 100, lng: -100 },
    element: mapCanvas,
    markerIcon: 'img/map-marker.png',
    zoom: 16,
    styles: contactMapStyles



Option Type Description
apiKey String Your Google Maps API key.
coords String Object with lat and long properties.
element Node The map canvas element.
markerIcon String Optional.
Path to a custom marker icon. PNGs work the best cross-browser.
zoom Integer Optional.
Custom zoom level.
Default: 4
styles Array Optional.
Array of custom styles.

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