Improve your website speed by minification of your JavaScript or CSS files.

Minify the JavaScript and CSS from your whole website

We parse your website extract JavaScript/CSS Tags and minify them. Try for free what is possible.

Simplify deployment

Add your external JavaScript or CSS libraries from the official NPM repository to a project in our web portal.
Generate a single minified JavaScript/CSS file and include it to your website by a tag which links to our server or by download the file.

Speed up your site

You will have one minified file for your external JavaScript or CSS libraries. Because of this there is only one request necessary, which is downloading a compressed version of your code. This will boost your website.

Improve Google™ ranking

If your website is faster, Google™ can crawl more pages. More pages will be indexed and you will get a better ranking.

Projects minified until now

See how it works. Watch the video! (42 sec)

Manage all your JavaScript/CSS Dependenicies in our web portal and generate a single minified file.

What are the advantages using this portal for minification of my CSS and JavaScript files?